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  • How to use a KONG Toy

    2014-06-02 - 327 comments
    Kong Dog Toys are widely used and recommended for therapy and prevention of under stimulation, boredom, separation anxiety and other behaviour problems. Following are some simple ways Kongs can be utilized to promote good behaviour in your dog.
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  • New Puppy Checklist

    2011-04-13 - 7 comments
    Puppies are at their most impressionable during early puppy hood. It is at this time that the many good and bad habits are formed. Preventing bad habits (e.g. chewing, barking, marking, biting, jumping up, lead pulling) at an early stage is much easier than rehabilitation after a bad behaviour is formed......
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  • How to use Gentle Leader & Halti Head collars

    2011-04-10 - 70 comments
    Pulling on the lead is one of the few unpleasant experiences of bringing up a new puppy or dog. In recent years dog head collars have revolutionised our ability to help train good lead walking manners, as well as being a useful training aid to help keep your dog's attention. Although fairly straight forward to use, it is important that head collars are correctly fitted and that your dog be properly acclimatised to them.....
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  • Why are games and dog toys important

    Many people do not fully appreciate the importance of play sessions with your puppy or young dog. Dog and puppy games allow each player to discover and learn about each other and build familiarity of strengths and weaknesses, as well as general traits.
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  • What is a dog run

    2008-01-01 - 9 comments
    Most dogs love the out doors, the sounds the smells and the general hubbub of day to day life. Having an outdoor home for your dog can be extremely useful at times, such as when you are at work, or just when you need them out from under your feet when visitors are around. Many working dogs even sleep outdoors year round.
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